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SK Slavia Praha

Slavia Praha

Slavia Praha squad photo
2Alice Němečková08/06/1996Defender
3Karolína Dlouhá23/12/1996Forward14+
4Klára Cahynová20/12/1993Midfield85*90
6Andrea Budošová15/05/1980Defender9090
7Simona Necidová20/01/1994Forward9090
8Jana Tomášková05/06/1990Defender9090
10Blanka Pěničková11/04/1980Midfield9065*
12Pavla Benýrová29/09/1989Defender61+78*
13Jitka Chlastáková13/10/1993Midfield9025+
14Aneta Malinová14/06/1993Midfield29*
16Valentína Šušolová01/11/1995Midfield
18Sára Juračková11/12/1996Defender9012+
19Petra Divišová05/06/1984Forward76*89*
20Diana Bartovičová20/05/1993Midfield90
21Kateřina Svitková20/03/1996Forward90901
24Barbora Sladká06/09/1993Goalkeeper90
25Yingjie Hu29/08/1991Forward 1+
26Marketa Matějková26/10/1981Midfield5+
27Tereza Kožárová18/10/1991Forward90
33Barbora Votíková13/09/1996Goalkeeper 90
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Slavia Praha team analysis

Slavia Praha team analysis

• Deep-lying 1-4-1-4-1 structure, prioritising numbers behind the ball
• Compact defensive block with single screen close to flat back four
• Effective defending except when facing flair and skills in Lyon
• Direct defence-to-attack transitions the preferred offensive weapon
• Deep starting positions, with effect of restricting support play
• Goalkeeper usually opting for long, central distribution
• Good positional discipline but offered space to exploit between lines
• Set out to press from halfway line but frequently forced deep
• Shrewd substitutions served to energise the team
• Creditable mental strength in adverse situations