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1. FFC Frankfurt


1. FFC Frankfurt squad photo
1Desirée Schumann06/02/1990Goalkeeper 90
3Laura Störzel25/05/1992Defender54*1209059*
4Kathrin-Julia Hendrich06/04/1992Defender901209090
5Emily Van Egmond12/07/1993Midfield1+ 90
6Saskia Matheis06/06/1997Midfield
9Yuki Ogimi15/07/1987Forward 1+45+
10Dzsenifer Marozsán18/04/1992Midfield9090901
11Simone Laudehr12/07/1986Midfield90*12090*
12Sophie Schmidt28/06/1988Midfield36+12026+90
13Marith Priessen17/12/1990Defender9012045*901
14Jackie Groenen17/12/1994Midfield9012064*31+
17Mandy Islacker08/08/1988Forward90*1209088*
18Kerstin Garefrekes04/09/1979Midfield9012045+90
20Melissa Friedrich06/05/1997Defender
21Ana-Maria Crnogorčević03/10/1990Defender101*9045*
23Isabelle Linden15/01/1991Forward1+19+
25Saskia Bartusiak09/09/1982Defender909090
27Peggy Kuznik12/08/1986Defender9012090
28Nadine Anstatt14/05/1995Forward
29Julia Matuschewski15/01/1997Forward2+
30Anne-Kathrine Kremer30/12/1987Goalkeeper9012090
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Frankfurt team analysis

Frankfurt team analysis

• 1-4-4-2 with strong centre-backs, attack-minded full-backs
• Balanced midfield screen: one ball-winner, one pushing up to support attack
• Build-up from back, mixed with fast defence-to-attack transitions
• Positional interchanges and good off-ball movement in middle-to-front areas
• Disciplined defending with immediate high pressure after losing ball
• Varied attacking: long to striker; diagonals to wings; short play through midfield
• Wingers cutting in to make space for full-backs or staying wide to stretch defence
• Marozsán a strong target striker with skill, vision, passing ability
• Laudehr the fast, industrious link with stamina, vision, ball-winning ability
�� Athletic, well-balanced team with excellent technique and winning mentality