Club analysis

Brescia Femminile


1Chiara Marchitelli04/05/1985Goalkeeper
2Paige Williams10/03/1995Defender87*90
3Roberta D'Adda05/10/1981Defender9085
4Lisa Boattin03/05/1997Defender17+28+
5Elena Linari15/04/1994Defender9090
6Martina Rosucci09/05/1992Midfield9090
7Valentina Cernoia22/06/1991Midfield
8Lisa Alborghetti19/06/1993Midfield31+44+
9Daniela Sabatino26/06/1985Forward9078*
10Cristiana Girelli23/04/1990Forward9090
11Barbara Bonansea13/06/1991Midfield9090
12Camelia Ceasar13/12/1997Goalkeeper9090
13Sara Gama27/03/1989Defender9090
15Annamaria Serturini13/05/1998Midfield
16Chiara Eusebio04/07/1995Midfield 12+
17Stefania Tarenzi29/02/1988Forward59*46*
23Martina Lenzini23/07/1998Midfield3+
24Elisa Mele24/08/1996Midfield73*62*
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Brescia team analysis

Brescia team analysis

• 1-3-5-2 the default setting; switches to 1-4-3-3 or 1-4-4-2
• When defending with three, two markers with D’Adda free
• Emphasis on building from back with two defenders opening wide
• Short combinations in midfield, mixed with long passes into wide areas
• Effective ground passing through midfield to one of strikers
• Good use of flanks, notably Bonansea on left; quality crosses
• First line of defence 10 metres beyond halfway line
• Two holding midfielders defending high; sporadic pressure on ball-carrier
• No10 Girelli the hard working link between midfield and attack
• Adventurous approach with determination and winning mentality