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VfL Wolfsburg


VfL Wolfsburg squad photo
1Almuth Schult09/02/1991Goalkeeper90909090120
2Luisa Wensing08/02/1993Defender 14+
3Zsanett Jakabfi18/02/1990Midfield45+9061*22+59*2
4Nilla Fischer02/08/1984Defender909083*120
7Synne Jensen15/02/1996Forward
8Babett Peter12/05/1988Defender909090901201
9Anna Blässe27/02/1987Midfield 908+68*113*
10Tessa Wullaert19/03/1993Forward84* 29+7+47+1
11Alexandra Popp06/04/1991Forward9090901203
17Ewa Pajor03/12/1996Forward6+44+14+
18Vanessa Bernauer23/03/1988Midfield 32+73*
19Ramona Bachmann25/12/1990Forward45*9076*9061+2
20Stephanie Bunte14/02/1989Defender 7+
21Lara Dickenmann27/11/1985Midfield9046*82*90120
24Joelle Wedemeyer12/08/1996Midfield90909090
26Caroline Graham Hansen18/02/1995Forward69* 1
27Isabel Kerschowski22/01/1988Midfield21+9090901201
28Lena Goessling08/03/1986Midfield9046*9090120
29Merle Frohms28/01/1995Goalkeeper
30Élise Bussaglia24/09/1985Midfield9076*9058*120
31Julia Simic14/05/1989Midfield9044+
Pos. = Position; GS = Goals scored; * = Started; + = Substitute

Wolfsburg team analysis

Wolfsburg team analysis

• Usually 1-4-4-2 with high wide midfielders and twin strikers
• Compact, disciplined defending; most ball-winning in back line
• Balance of strength, agility, aerial power, game-reading by centre-backs
• Excellent use of wings by fast wide midfielders; support from full-backs
• Two holding midfielders balancing, linking, keeping lines together
• Quick attack-to-defence transitions; pressure on ball-carrier as from midfield
• Strikers dropping cleverly between lines to receive and play to wings
• Strong centre-backs building from back or pushing with ball into midfield
• Play based on technique, pace, assured combinations in all departments
• Tactically mature team with experience, composure, winning mentality