All the UEFA Champions League fixtures and results

Keep up with all the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League fixtures and results right here.

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All kick-offs 21:00CET unless otherwise stated.

Matchday one

Watch Messi's hat-trick against PSV
Watch Messi's hat-trick against PSV

Tuesday 18 September
Group A: Club Brugge 0-1 Dortmund, Monaco 1-2 Atlético
Group B: Barcelona 4-0 PSV Eindhoven, Inter 2-1 Tottenham
Group C: Liverpool 3-2 Paris, Crvena zvezda 0-0 Napoli
Group D: Galatasaray 3-0 Lokomotiv Moskva, Schalke 1-1 Porto

Wednesday 19 September
Group E: Ajax 3-0 AEK Athens, Benfica 0-2 Bayern München
Group F: Shakhtar 2-2 Hoffenheim, Manchester City 1-2 Lyon
Group G: Real Madrid 3-0 Roma, Viktoria Plzeň 2-2 CSKA Moskva
Group H: Young Boys 0-3 Manchester United, Valencia 0-2 Juventus

Matchday two

Highlights: Juventus 3-0 Young Boys
Highlights: Juventus 3-0 Young Boys

Tuesday 2 October
Group E: Bayern München 1-1 Ajax, AEK Athens 2-3 Benfica
Group F: Hoffenheim 1-2 Manchester City, Lyon 2-2 Shakhtar
Group G: CSKA Moskva 1-0 Real Madrid, Roma 5-0 Viktoria Plzeň
Group H: Juventus 3-0 Young Boys Manchester United 0-0 Valencia

Wednesday 3 October
Group A: Atlético 3-1 Club Brugge, Dortmund 3-0 Monaco
Group B: Tottenham 2-4 Barcelona, PSV Eindhoven 1-2 Inter
Group C: Paris 6-1 Crvena zvezda, Napoli 1-0 Liverpool
Group D: Lokomotiv Moskva 0-1 Schalke, Porto 1-0 Galatasaray

Matchday three

Highlights: Dortmund 4-0 Atlético
Highlights: Dortmund 4-0 Atlético

Tuesday 23 October
Group E: AEK Athens 0-2 Bayern München, Ajax 1-0 Benfica
Group F: Hoffenheim 3-3 Lyon, Shakhtar 0-3 Manchester City
Group G: Roma 3-0 CSKA Moskva, Real Madrid 2-1 Viktoria Plzeň
Group H: Young Boys 1-1 Valencia, Manchester United 0-1 Juventus

Wednesday 24 October
Group A: Club Brugge 1-1 Monaco, Dortmund 4-0 Atlético
Group B: PSV Eindhoven 2-2 Tottenham, Barcelona 2-0 Inter
Group C: Paris 2-2 Napoli, Liverpool 4-0 Crvena zvezda
Group D: Lokomotiv Moskva 1-3 Porto, Galatasaray 0-0 Schalke

Matchday four

Watch Ronaldo's volley v United from EVERY angle
Watch Ronaldo's volley v United from EVERY angle

Tuesday 6 November
Group A: Monaco 0-4 Club Brugge, Atlético 2-0 Dortmund
Group B: Tottenham 2-1 PSV Eindhoven, Inter 1-1 Barcelona
Group C: Crvena zvezda 2-0 Liverpool, Napoli 1-1 Paris
Group D: Porto 4-1 Lokomotiv Moskva, Schalke 2-0 Galatasaray

Wednesday 7 November
Group E: Bayern München 2-0 AEK Athens, Benfica 1-1 Ajax
Group F: Lyon 2-2 Hoffenheim, Manchester City 6-0 Shakhtar
Group G: CSKA Moskva 1-2 Roma, Viktoria Plzeň 0-5 Real Madrid
Group H: Valencia 3-1 Young Boys, Juventus 1-2 Manchester United

Matchday five

Highlights: Lyon 2-2 Man. City
Highlights: Lyon 2-2 Man. City

Tuesday 27 November
Group E: AEK Athens 0-2 Ajax, Bayern München 5-1 Benfica
Group F: Hoffenheim 2-3 Shakhtar, Lyon 2-2 Manchester City
Group G: CSKA Moskva 1-2 Viktoria Plzeň, Roma 0-2 Real Madrid
Group H: Manchester United 1-0 Young Boys, Juventus 1-0 Valencia

Wednesday 28 November
Group A: Atlético 2-0 Monaco, Dortmund 0-0 Club Brugge
Group B: PSV Eindhoven 1-2 Barcelona, Tottenham 1-0 Inter
Group C: Paris 2-1 Liverpool, Napoli 3-1 Crvena zvezda
Group D: Lokomotiv Moskva 2-0 Galatasaray, Porto 3-1 Schalke

Matchday six

Tuesday 11 December
Group A: Club Brugge v Atlético, Monaco v Dortmund
Group B: Barcelona v Tottenham, Inter v PSV Eindhoven
Group C: Liverpool v Napoli, Crvena zvezda v Paris
Group D: Galatasaray v Porto (18:55CET), Schalke v Lokomotiv Moskva

Wednesday 12 December
Group E: Ajax v Bayern München, Benfica v AEK Athens
Group F: Shakhtar v Lyon, Manchester City v Hoffenheim
Group G: Real Madrid v CSKA Moskva (18:55CET), Viktoria Plzeň v Roma (18:55CET)
Group H: Young Boys v Juventus, Valencia v Manchester United

Road to Madrid

17 December: round of 16 draw
12/13/19/20 February: round of 16 first leg
5/6/12/13 March: round of 16 second leg
15 March: quarter-final and semi-final draws
9/10 April: Quarter-finals, first leg
16/17 April: Quarter-finals, second leg
30 April/1 May: Semi-finals, first leg
7/8 May: Semi-finals, second leg
1 June: Final – Estadio Metropolitano, Madrid