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13 April 2016
13 April 2016 13 Apr - Futsal World Cup, Play-offs
Aggregate: 9-0 (agg: 9-0)
First referee: Marc Birkett (ENG) - Second referee: Ivan Shabanov (RUS)
Stadium: Palaprato, Prato (ITA)
07/05/2016 11:10:37
12 April 2016
12 April 2016 12 Apr - Futsal World Cup, Play-offs
Aggregate: 8-1 (agg: 8-1)
First referee: Bogdan Sorescu (ROU) - Second referee: Gabriel Gherman (ROU)
Stadium: Baluan Sholak Sport Palace, Almaty (KAZ)
03/27/2017 11:06:52
12 April 2016 12 Apr - Futsal World Cup, Play-offs
Aggregate: 6-3 (agg: 6-3)
First referee: Eduardo Fernandes Coelho (POR) - Second referee: Nuno Bogalho (POR)
Stadium: Centralny, Tyumen (RUS)
03/27/2017 09:33:40
12 April 2016 12 Apr - Futsal World Cup, Play-offs
Aggregate: 9-5 (agg: 9-5)
First referee: Gerald Bauernfeind (AUT) - Second referee: Oleg Ivanov (UKR)
Stadium: İdman Sarayı, Baku (AZE)
08/11/2017 09:43:23
12 April 2016 12 Apr - Futsal World Cup, Play-offs
Aggregate: 11-1 (agg: 11-1)
First referee: Fernando Gutiérrez Lumbreras (ESP) - Second referee: Juan Gallardo (ESP)
Stadium: Odessa Sports Palace, Odessa (UKR)
04/14/2016 10:15:33
12 April 2016 12 Apr - Futsal World Cup, Play-offs
Aggregate: 5-2 (agg: 5-2)
First referee: Pascal Lemal (BEL) - Second referee: Gerd Bylois (BEL)
Stadium: Pabellón Javier Imbroda Ortíz, Melilla (ESP)
04/14/2016 10:20:45
12 April 2016 12 Apr - Futsal World Cup, Play-offs
Aggregate: 4-2 (agg: 4-2)
First referee: Gábor Kovács (HUN) - Second referee: Balázs Farkas (HUN)
Stadium: Pavilhão Multiusos Odivelas, Odivelas (POR)
04/13/2016 17:10:43

Last updated: 11/04/2017 16:59 CET

Road to the final

European qualifying for the 2016 FIFA Futsal World Cup comprises two group stages and a play-off round.

Preliminary round
The lower-ranked nations are drawn into four-team mini-tournaments played from 22 to 25 October 2015. Each mini-tournament is staged by one of the countries and each team plays one another once with the group winners progressing alongside the best two runners-up.

Main round
The preliminary round qualifiers join the remaining entrants in seven groups of four nations held from 10 to 13 December 2015. The top two in each group go into the play-offs.

The group winners will be drawn against the runners-up to form seven two-legged ties played on 22 March and 8 to 12 April 2016. The aggregate victors qualify for the final tournament.

Twenty-four teams, including the seven European qualifiers, will compete in Colombia from 10 September to 1 October 2016.

Further details, including the criteria for separating teams that finish level on points in a group, or after extra time in a match, can be found in the official competition regulations.